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ENCAD Software 30-Day Free Trial Offer


The ENCAD Free Trial offer provides prospective purchasers with an opportunity to try out ENCAD software in a productive manner, on real projects, for a period of 30 days, free-of-charge. The Free Trial software is full Standard Version working copy software with no restrictions other than the duration of use from date of installation.

Application for a Free Trial Software Licence must be made on the form provided, printed out on your company letterhead and faxed to ENCAD for approval. ENCAD considers each application individually and will issue a password to approved applicants enabling installation of the Free Trial software. ENCAD reserves the right to refuse any application received.

Those who wish to free-trial the WinMAST program will need to make special application to do so.

See also details of our fee-based 90-Day Evaluation Licences which are given in the Download pre-installation notes.


What happens if you click on the FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD link below?

1. A self-extracting file ENCADFreeTrial.exe (13MB) will be downloaded to your computer.
2. When you run ENCADFreeTrial.exe, it starts by installing/updating relevant run-time files (you may need Administrator Rights for your computer to do this) and then displays the ENCAD Software Installation menu.
3. The ENCAD Software Installation menu presents a set of options the last of which actually installs the ENCAD Suite software modules on your computer (you may need Administrator Rights for your computer to do this).
4. Other menu options explain the various installation scenarios:- Key File and Dongle Licences, Networking Licences, Free Trial Licences, Evaluation Licences.
5. If you proceed with a Free Trial installation, you will be prompted for a Free Trial Password which will only be provided after a successful application has been made to ENCAD using the form provided.

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