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ENCAD Software

ENCAD software has been in use since 1986 in civil and structural engineering design.

ENCAD has an unrivalled wealth of experience in the provision of computing solutions for engineers which it puts to good effect in the creation of truly imaginative, reliable and productive software.

The civil structural analysis product range includes programs for skeletal framework analysis, plate finite element analysis, skeletal steelwork design, vibration analysis, bridge analysis and design and communications mast analysis and design.

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Users of ENCAD software will be civil and structural engineers concerned with the design, analysis and assessment of buildings, bridges, lattice towers and other structures. They will be studying the deformation and strength of their structures under the application of external loads.

Engineers conducting research into the behaviour of structures and those involved with the teaching of graduate and post-graduate courses in engineering structures will also be users.

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Building Structures Design
Bridge Structures Design
Skeletal Steelwork Design
Lattice Towers Design
Vibration Calculations

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WinFRAM Framework Analysis
WinFELA Frame/Finite Element Analysis
WinKWIK Routine Structures Modeller
WinSTEEL Skeletal Steelwork Design
WinHILO Bridge Deck Load Generator
WinMAST Communications Mast Design
WinVIBE Vibration Analysis
WinNONLIN Non-Linear Analysis Options

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ENCAD software is supplied for computers running MS Windows. Stand-alone and networked versions of the suite are available.

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ENCAD offers a Software Maintenance Contract which provides maintained clients with software updates and support.

Support ranges through questions of software installation, advice on software use and advice on structural modelling.

The ENCAD support service is a key element in the total ENCAD package which guarantees user satisfaction and brings ENCAD highly valued repeat business.

Arched Vierendeel Analysis
Arched Vierendeel
Tower and Multi-Storey Building Frame Analysis
Comms Mast ---- Multi-Storey Building
Dome Space Truss Analysis
North-Light Roof Frame Analysis
Space Framework Analysis
Architectural Glazing
Road Bridge Stick Model Analysis
Road Bridge
Barrel Space Truss Analysis
Barrel Space Truss
Curved Bridge Deck Analysis
Curved Bridge Deck
Barrel Roof FE Model Analysis
Barrel Roof FE Model
Spiral Ramp Footbridge Analysis
Spiral Ramp Footbridge

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