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WinSTEEL Steelwork Design - Beams Frames Columns Trusses Portals


WinSTEEL is an easy-to-use computer program for the design of steel trusses, frames, grillages and space frames to the requirements of EN1993, BS5950. Elastic or plastic behaviour is allowed according to the EN1993, BS5950 classification of the member sections employed. EN1993, BS5950 symbols and clause numbering are used to simplify cross-reference to the standard. Comprehensive HELP screens are provided to guide the user as required.


WinSTEEL recovers structural model data and internal member forces from an WinFRAM/WinFELA framework analysis results file and from these creates Design Limitation and Member Constraint tables. Both tables may be edited interactively and the assigned default values changed as desired. The Design Limitation table is used to define the members, loadcases, steel grade and the type of calculations required. The Member Constraints table is used to define the effective lengths, effective tensile areas, slenderness limits and m and n values to be used in the calculations. Automatic calculation of m and n may be requested. Preferred sections to be used are held in a Section Groups table.


Auto Mode calculations are controlled by the user assigned values in the Member Constraints, Section Groups and Design Limitations tables. These modes are used for the checking or selection of sections for large numbers of members at a time.

The Section Capacity and Complex Member Capacity modes are powerful interactive design modes allowing the user to test different sections and support alternatives and rapidly home in on a suitable design solution.


The WinSTEEL Auto-Selection mode examines the local capacity at all critical locations in each member and the overall buckling capacity of the member; all design loadcases are considered. WinSTEEL checks sections in the Preferred Sections list until a section which suits all loadcases is found. Output is in the form of a table with a two-line summary for each member showing the performance of the selected section marking the result as PASS or FAIL. FAILed sections are highlighted in the model plot. Where none of the sections suits, the performance of the last in the list is given and marked FAIL.


The Rationalised Auto-Selection mode processes the data in member group order giving for each group a single section solution to suit all members referencing the group.


The Section Capacity mode allows the designer to consider the calculations for any member, section and loadcase in detail. In this mode, calculations are controlled by the contents of the Individual Member Capacity screen which allows interactive editing of any of the factors which influence section performance. After parameter adjustment, a re-calculation request yields a result of PASS or FAIL together with a single load/capacity factor. The user can then study the calculations performed by paging through the Design Loads, Section Properties, Local Capacities and Overall Buckling screens. WinSTEEL applies Cl.4.2.5 to ensure that the plastic and compact sections remain elastic at working loads.


The Complex Member Capacity mode is a powerful interactive design aid for the rapid design of in-line strings of members using the same section group, with or without taper and with or without intermediate lateral restraints to the flanges. BS5950 Appendix G requirements are carefully tested. This mode is particularly useful for the design of portal frames taking into account the full effects of haunching and of restraint from purlins, sheeting rails and knee bracing.


Re-analysis of the structure using WinFRAM or WinFELA may be requested if section size changes have been made during the WinSTEEL design process.

Interfacing products:WinFRAM, WinFELA

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