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WinKWIK Routine Structures Modeller


WinKWIK is a program to minimize structural analysis model data preparation time for a wide range of routine structures.


A library of every-day civil structural forms and more is displayed.

On picking the appropriate civil structural form diagram, a scaled plot with dimensions is presented. Dimensions are adjusted by pointing to the value and editing it. The model is re-sized and re-drawn with each adjustment made. Support conditions are selected by pointing to the support and picking a condition from the displayed list.

Member properties are assigned by pointing to the relevant input field and either selecting a standard section from a built-in library, e.g. a BS universal beam section, or by selecting a shape and entering the appropriate dimensions. The shape input option calculates all axial, flexural, shear and torsion properties; torsion properties are reduced for grillage models of plates and slabs.

Dead, imposed and wind loading are provided for. Wind loads on portals and multi-storey frames will be either computed to CP3 Chapter V or to BS6399 Part 2 according to user choice. Design loadcases are built automatically from the basic loadings according to the nature of the civil structural form and the specified ultimate limit state load factors.


Using WinKWIK, the specification of a complete analysis model for many structures will take no more than a minute and the user may then pick the ANALYSE option for an immediate analysis or he may pick an edit option to fine tune the model or loading prior to performing the analysis. Fine tuning a WinKWIK model is achieved using either the WinFRAM/WinFELA graphical editor or WinFRAM/WinFELA text editor.


WinKWIK allows for the easy specification of any lateral restraints, purlins and sheeting rails which will provide steel beams, trusses and portals with lateral support against buckling. Such restraints will be automatically taken into account during a subsequent steelwork design check using our WinSTEEL program.


The basic geometry for straight sided multi-span slabs and bridge decks, both right supported and skew supported, is very easily modelled with WinKWIK.

Interfacing products: WinFRAM, WinFELA, WinSTEEL

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